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In fact he liked watching me having sex. I admitted I first wanted him to screw me because I knew hubby wanted to watch, and he and hubby were friends and I also enjoyed his company. I wanted him to be a friend with benefits. I could tell it made Frank feel good when I told him I liked being fucked by him. Frank said he still was nervous about a husband watching him screwing the wife. Hubby told him he would get used to it and the best way to do that was to practice. I took my shirt off and hubby undid my bra freeing my tits. Frank was asked if he enjoyed my looking at my body and he admitted he did. I took my jeans off along with my panties and stood in naked in front of both of them. Hubby told Frank to come and suck my tits which he quickly did. My nipples got hard and tingles went through my body as he sucked. His hand went between my legs and he slid some fingers in me.

She came up to her knees and reached between her legs and found Miles damp shaft and lined his head with her opening and she moved her lips to his and kissed him slowly until she felt him slip inside. Once Miles was securely back inside of his patient he asked, “So what did you do? Kristen said, “I wasn’t going to let my daddy’s like hard privates like go to waste. I fell to my knees in front of my father and I sucked my girlfriends stuff off and all from of my father’s cock. It was neat tasting my girlfriends like wet stuff that was all over my daddy’s penis. I licked it all off and then I sat on top of him and slowly moved up and down on him just like I’m doing to you right now. You like the feel of my tight pussy? Miles thought to his self, ‘this isn’t your fist rodeo with this girl just let her do her thing.’ “It sure does feel wonderful inside of you.

“I got a hot jolt in my pussy just now too Lynn, I’ve waited and waited for this night….I can’t wait to lick you till you climax and maybe we’ll ’squirt’ too, Lynn. It’s been building in us for a long time, and now we go ’all the way’ and just ’do it’. I won’t be able to sleep tonight without masturbating first. That thought caused a spasm in my pussy like no other. Lynn heard me gasp and stutter as it hit me. She giggled and said: (“ I guess that sound means a yes?…tee hee.) I said: “oh yes, yes, yes! ….come over and go straight to the guest house using your key. Leave any lights off. When he’s gone to bed and asleep, I’ll come out. Don’t wear any panties or bra….Ok? ” I heard Lynn take a deep breath and said in a trembling out of breath voice…’ok’, …“see ya soon.“….

Katie immediately hisses and then lifts her head and smiles at Susan. She then sits down on the edge of the bed and spreads her knees apart. Rotty quickly sticks his nose between her legs and begin licking. Katie leans back on her palms and watches as Rotty again explores her cunt with his tongue. I was truly amazed at what I was seeing. Katie’s legs spread wide apart. Her bare pussy, fully accessible. Letting a dog a dog sniff, lick and even nibble her most feminine and sensitive of areas of her body. I was also envious of the the incredible intimacy of it all. She was totally trusting him, letting him freely explore her soft, and delicate slit. His large tongue was clearly taking effect. Her lips were glistening from her own arousal. Her self producing lubricant. Running down her lips and began to make a small, but noticeable wet spot on the sheets. Katie was clearly enjoying having him eat her out like this.

It wasn’t all that amazing, It was pink and purple, I told my mom I wanted it blue but she said that “im not doing your room again until I do everyone else’s room”. Me and billy sat on the bed and started kissing again, that’s until my mom came in and asked if billy was going to be having dinner with us. He said no and asked if he could hang here for the night since his parents were out of town. And his house was scary with only him there. My mom looked at me, with a worried look on her face. I said I didn’t care and that I wanted to help out my best friend and my boyfriend. Later that night I woke up when billy was poking me, he said that he was cold and asked if I could share body heat with him. I said to him that I didn’t where a shirt or pants when I go to bed.

Towels on the floor, hairdryer still plugged in, make-up left out. That I knew. This was here way of showing it. I picked up her towels, put her hair dryer back under the sink, and tried to organize her makeup in a spot out of my way. Then I walked to the taps and turned the water to an overly warm shower. The air was thick with steam when I emerged from the shower enclosure. Then I saw it. Kelly must have drawn it this morning while the shower stall was steamed up after her shower. It was a happy face with a tear dripping from one of the eyes. I sobbed as I saw this. It was the drawing I had put on her books and homework as she was growing up. Well minus the tear. That was the deciding factor. I had to have my Princess back on my ‘team’. Our team. But how?

When Danny woke up both Joan and Diane were in the bathroom getting washed. He was so exhausted that he did not have the energy to move and he badly needed to have a morning piss. Danny wondered which one to call for. He decided to call Joan she needed a little more training he thought to himself. He was determined to make these to women his personal sex slaves. Joan came walking into the bedroom smiling at him; she was only wearing her bra and panties. Joan sweetly asked him. Danny smiled at her wickedly he move the covers away from his hard cock and he told her. As Danny was telling Joan this Diane walked back into the bedroom and stood in the doorway. Like Joan she was only dressed in her underwear. Diane now listened and waited she wondered what Joan’s reaction would be to this demand. Danny once again told her.

“Give her your horse cock brother” he shouts wanting Alice to hear. By now Carlo is straining hard, forcing more and more of his monster cock inside poor Alice. She however is also encouraging him on. From where I’m standing, all but a few inches of Carlo’s thick shaft are visible. Leo is now slapping his brother hard across the back and shoulders. The fat shakes and shudders with each blow. I can only assume the brothers know each other’s preferences as it seems to drive Carlo on. Finally Carlo shuffles himself against the edge of the table and pushes his substantial weight down on Alice. His fat wrinkled balls rest against Alice’s sweet behind. Carlo withdraws only a few inches and then bangs back home repeatedly as the onslaught begins. For a man of his age and size, he gives it everything. Sweat spills out of every pore and drips all over Alice’s body. His back is soaked and the hair sticks to him everywhere.

In time I started dating again and eventually, I found I could get satisfaction for both my partner and myself, without them ever knowing I had a dick. I’ve fucked and sucked many, many men in an attempt to find some sort of happiness of my own. So, you still have a penis? No need to be sorry. I loved what you were doing. No one man has ever sucked my dick before. I am going to cum and I don’t want to yet. No man has ever done that for me before.” She sniffled, tears of happiness occasionally falling from her gorgeous light blue eyes. “Some of the women I dated did (although not nearly as well as you. I felt safe letting another girl know about my secret. They were real cool with it. Several of them wanted fix me up with a nice gay guy they knew. I’m just not into ‘gay’ guys.

If you write long stories because you have a lot to say or like to embellish, that’s a good strategy. People like to read longer things in general sometimes because finishing it is more of an accomplishment. This is true with movies, video games, books, etc. Longer stories have their own appeal even in the “Wow, I read all that? ” appeal. That said, unnecessarily padding is going to bore readers. So again I ask, are your sex stories short or long? Is ‘long’ not good enough for you? You don’t care that you just wrote a 10,000 word story about Sydney the Serbian Slut, you want to make a Sydney the Serbian Slut Part 2. Well then, you would prefer continuous works to standalone pieces. If you want a following, continuous works are the greatest way to go about it. There’s no better way to pull readers into your author page and have them hitting the refresh button every hour than making an unfinished series that people want to resolve. This is the same kind of thing that makes people like long stories – people like closure, to see things through to the end.